Voice Activated Media Center 2


Your passport to media paradise: The voice activated media center.

Gone are the days of having to physically push buttons in order to control your media center. Voice activated remotes from companies such as Amulet Devices advance the boundaries of hands free control with a device that is almost too good to be true. The Amulet remote is what you have been waiting for, what your Windows Media center has been craving. Almost instantly, you can now have complete access to your entire media collection – using only the power of your voice and basic gestures. Forget about complicated key presses, the future of control is now hands free and intuitive.

Some of the highlights of this remote control include:

  • Being able to choose your media by its name (select from photos, television shows, movies, your songs, channels and artists)
  • Numerous profiles for each speaker (user of the device)  -  this is selectable by vocal command (i.e., ‘Hi, Dave here.’)
  • Ask questions and audio responses will indicate the current media (“Now playing, ‘Tiny Dancer’, By Elton John”)
  • Use the power of your voice to access your TV guide and control functions such as record and playback.
  • A highly flexible layout – choose between vocal commands or the buttons on the remote for many of the actions.
  • A video timeline puts you in the driver’s seat and allows you to jump into any point in the video or song - handy for skipping over those annoying adverts!
  • Amulet is an intelligent infrared learning system – over time it can learn to control your other A/V equipment.

How does it work – what are secrets behind this remote?

  • You simply need to pick up the remote and vocalize your command (“Play The Matrix”).
  • The embedded remote will then transmit your vocal command directly to the advanced Amulet software that is installed within your Media Center.
  • Advanced position sensing technology is part of the Amulet experience – your remote actually listens to you, and only you; when your friends are making a noise, if your significant other is talking on their mobile phone, Amulet will understand your vocal commands, and effectively ignore all other conversations.

Excited about this advanced piece of technology? Then visit www.amuletdevices.com today for further information regarding this voice activated media center remote.