Voice activated TV

Voice Activated TV

Voice Activated TV: The smarter choice.

Welcome to the world of the Voice Activated TV remote. This innovative piece of technology is the latest development now available for those looking for the ultimate in a home automation device for their media centre. Those who use Media Centre to manage all their media are used to working with many menu systems to select their entertainment for the evening. One of the reasons for this is the multiple formats media can now take - audio, video, TV, DVD’s and many more. So to have Voice Activated TV access with a simple short series of voice commands is a welcome new development.

So how does a Voice Activated TV remote which is voice-enabled really work?

The remote control itself will relay information from a voice prompt into the Windows Vista/7 Home Media Center. The sensitive microphone is also sometimes known as the wireless digital audio link. This means that users will have to be within a certain distance of their remote control so that the functions work correctly. However with this new device, the level of sensitivity is high and even tilting your hand at a certain angle will work towards your advantage. Also the latest voice activated media center device from Amulet Devices uses a type of ‘advanced positioning technology’ that employs smart filters to sift your conversational voice from that of a voice which needs to control the functions of the remote. Simple commands such as ‘Stop’, ‘Play’ ‘Next Chapter’ are instantly recognized, and when spoken in a clearly, the response is rapid. It’s as simple as that!

When you start to use this device, the technology will begin to recognize your own distinctive vocal patterns, and your families very quickly. Once the teaching phase is over, you can begin to rest easy, sit back and control their media centre from the comfort of their armchair - without having to lift a finger. A voice activated TV remote from www.amuletdevices.com could be one of the very best entertainment investments that you make this year.