Voice Activated Remote

 voice activated remote

Voice Activated Remote

Windows 7 is an amazing new operating system. What’s better is that it easily installs fantastic devices such as voice activated remotes. Both Windows 7 and Vista professional/ultimate editions come with the Windows Media Center – this is an intuitive and eye-pleasing interface that neatly organises your collection in the type of setting that works best on either an LCD or even a standard definition TV (SDTV). Who wants to have to control their media collection with a keyboard and mouse when you’re sitting in the comfort of your couch at home? This is where a voice activated remote comes into play.

Enjoy your voice activated remote with Windows 7

Windows 7/Vista will automatically install your voice remote when you add the USB receiver to your media center. Once you have installed the software, the voice activated remote is basically ready to go; all it needs now is a basic vocal lesson as it learns to recognise your particular voice. All voice operated remotes have two functions: operation by button input or speech-recognition.  Some of the more advanced ones even allow you to control your media via gesture, much like the input of the Nintendo Wii. Wave your hand from left to right to scroll through a series of photos or music albums for instance.

When you first begin the setup for your Windows Media Center, the software will automatically begin to search for your media files. Do not worry if this takes minutes or even an hour – the software is preparing to index your collection for faster browsing. Once your vast collection of media has been indexed, you will be able to speak into your remote and jump to any movie, music or recorded TV show in your collection.

If your media center is connected to the internet, then it will even download the album covers and song names for any music files in your collection that are incorrectly named or missing those vital album cover pictures. This really makes a difference when you are quickly browsing your folders – a visual image makes correct song selection far easier.

Windows Media Center and a voice operated remote are two matches made in silicone heaven. The power of one of the world’s best looking media interfaces and a stylish voice activated remote is hard to beat by any standard.

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