Voice Activated TV


What is the best setup for your voice activated TV?

What does it take to create a decent home media center, more importantly one that is compatible with your voice activated TV remote? A media center is essentially a ‘dumbed down’ computer, one that is stripped of the usual functions that distinguishes it from normal desktop or laptop PC’s. There are a few essentials that your media center should come with, this is to ensure that it plays your media without a hitch, and streams it as smoothly as possible. Read below and discover what you can do to create the media center of your dreams:

  • Find a suitable case: In order for your media center to fit in with the rest of your entertainment room gadgets, you will need to place it in a case that is both sleek and free of unnecessary buttons. The less clutter the better. Try to find a media center case that has an LCD face which quickly displays the names of your chosen media. It also helps if the volume control is large and easy to manipulate.
  • Give it space: Most media centers have very limited to no storage, requiring you to place an external hard drive into the USB port in order to stream your media. Ensure that you outfit your media tank with the biggest hard drive you can afford. One to two terabytes should suffice for months or even years worth of your media.
  • Plug it in baby: If you have purchased a home media center without the correct sound/video connections, then you have lost the battle from the beginning. Your media center should have an HDMI connector, a standard VGA connection, S-Video as well as fully Dolby support. It should also have USB, this is to ensure that you can plug in the correct peripherals and turn it into a voice activated TV for instance.

As a final piece of advice, load a reliable operating system such as LinuxMCE, Windows 7 or XBMC in order to create an intuitive interface for your media. Connect a voice activated TV remote for the icing on the cake.

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