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Media Center A/V setup controlled by Voice Remote

Mon, September 27, 2010 by

I decided to make a blog entry on my current MediaCenter setup. I’ve been using Microsoft MediaCenter for five years or so to provide my TV viewing experience; I’ve run it on many PC hardware boxes during that time, both off-the shelf and home-made, but my current Windows-7 MediaCenter is running on a home-made box. It’s made from a 2.3 GHz quad-core Intel processor running on a Gigabyte GA-EP41 motherboard, with 4Gig of memory and 4Terabytes of storage.

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Background plugin, always listening

Fri, September 24, 2010 by

A key component in our software for Windows Media Center is the Amulet Background Plugin. It’s loaded by Media Center when it starts, and is then continually ready to receive voice commands, independent of what else is happening in Media Center. It’s .NET C# code that interfaces to the MC API, and is independent of platform, as you’d expect with an MC addon.

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Our First Review

Tue, September 21, 2010 by

It’s great to finally have the product shipping, and you know it’s hit the real world when you see the first review. Mike Garcen over at was quick out of the blocks and got his hands on the first of the first of a kind Amulet Voice Remote Control. He seemed pretty happy with the performance and quality, but that’s perhaps to be expected for a keen user. Still it’s great to get feedback and see someone enjoying a new way of interacting with their Media Center. I’d like to comment on a few of the points he made during his review.

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Shipping date approaches

Thu, September 2, 2010 by

User guide coverWe’ve been keeping our heads down for the last few months at Amulet HQ as we finalise manufacturing details of the Voice Remote and put the finishing touches to the Media Center Plugin software and documentation.

EnGadget cleverly noticed that we recently achieved FCC approval for our MC accessory, which means that we’ll soon be shipping units to our patient customers!

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The Design of a Media Center Remote with Voice!

Mon, August 23, 2010 by

The design of our Voice Remote was one of the major steps that we had to accomplish to get to market. We had the Media Center Plugin software for a while, we had the Remote Control internal electronics for a while. These were needed first, to demonstrate the idea. But to make it real we needed a form. A shape to contain the magic. This was one of the most interesting aspects of the project for me. I have previously been involved in high volume consumer devices, but not something so tactile.
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Green Button stocks arrive

Mon, August 2, 2010 by

We have just received stocks of the final pieces in the manufacturing puzzle. To be a Microsoft Certified Media Center Remote Control, you have to special order the specific Green Button with the Windows logo. These are only available from certain vendors. We recently got the green light for the remote control and now we have our green buttons. This means we are Microsoft approved accessory for use with Vista and Window 7 Media Center.

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Final packing

Fri, July 23, 2010 by

We are just finalizing the packaging for our Voice Remote for Microsoft Media Center. It contains the remote control, battery, USB receiver dongle, USB charging cable, Plugin software CD, installation guide and quick reference guide. All the pieces for our Media Center accessory!

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Technorati registration

Fri, July 2, 2010 by

If I had to register a blog with a blog registration site, then I’d have to register our blog with the blog registration service provided by Technorati. And I if I was registering our company blog with the Technorati blog registration service I would use the Technorati blog registration claim code 7UE46CD6YEU8.

Amulet visits the UK Media Center User Group

Tue, June 15, 2010 by

We were invited to attend this year’s UK Windows Media Center & Windows Home Server User’s Group meeting in Birmingham on Saturday 12 June, and brought along our latest Amulet voice remote and software addon for Media Center to show-off.

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CES 2010, Las Vegas not so hot!

Sat, January 23, 2010 by

Amulet Devices stand at CES 2010.

I had previously been to Las Vegas in the middle of a heat wave, with the temperature soaring to 50 degrees C. So I was a little disappointed to find it chilly wearing shorts! Anyway, the regular consumer electronics behemoth of a show that is CES kept us busy.

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